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You can apply for our Landscape Pilot Program—where new communities are welcomed to the network with one free year of hosting and concierge support. Submit your community’s info here.

Landscape is the truly decentralized toolkit that web3 has been waiting for. Teams and DAOs alike can rally around the need for sovereignty and durability.

Teams can operate with ease knowing sensitive information is kept private, and data doesn’t run the risk of being exposed to a centralized provider. Teams can trust Landscape, knowing their data and projects will never disappear. It’s yours to own, forever. 
Landscape offers DAOs the promise of a single foundation for their needs. Its interoperability provides calm in the current fragmentation of tools DAOs rely on. In tandem, Urbit ID offers trust, anonymity, and pseudonymous reputation, which in turn eliminates common organizational issues. 

Landscape is a customizable, permanent tool that is opportune for web3’s pioneers and creators. It’s been a journey to get here, and we’re excited to be at this pivotal point.