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Can creativity be developed by anyone, or is it an exclusive skill? If, in many cases, being creative involves systematic and regular observation and experimentation, can anyone become creative by trying?

My thing is grayscale, which isn’t anything new. Every now and then, I use color, and I've always had a favoritism for orange and red in all their shades. You know, when I feel like changing things up, I reach for my color palette and have fun.

Recently, while redecorating the living room, I decided to hang one of my red works. The living room features materials like chrome, glass, and wood, with colors mainly black, beige, and white. The walls have always been bare, so hanging something for the first time feels strange. I don’t like moving from one room to another finding distractions at eye level. It genuinely bothers me: It feels like walking down a busy street and I prefer to save that for when I’m away from home, traveling, visiting friends, or walking the dogs.

Back to the living room, I admit that if I’m sitting on the sofá or the carpet, it’s nice to have things to focus on and consider their composition. These are usually found up to a meter from the floor... but all this is going to change next week.

Redecorating can be tiring and boring for me, but this time will be different since it’s the first time I’ll pay conscious attention to the walls of a room. I’m not looking to hang something inspirational or educational, or anything that disrupts the calm and simple vibe of the sala de estar. This is challenging with a color like red, right?

I haven’t decided which piece to hang yet, but the idea was triggered by an old outtake I found while going through my archives last week.

Recently, I had to work with words after a long time. For me working with words is like working with images, but each word can be dissected, allowing me, then, to work with the letters. Experimenting with these units is one of my favorite activities.


This doesn’t mean that if I must work with an image, I cannot split it into units and work with them, but it is not always possible. All approaches are valid.

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Appreciating the ability to work with something as a whole or in separate units is always a plus in creative practices.

As the sun sets, the tall buildings transform into enormous towers of light. Not far away, the river, along with the cold and wind, crashes against small boats, shaking them. This makes me think that the city is like a skeleton that could crumble at any moment with just a breath from God. The clash between elements, the wind sweeping through objects, and the sound of my own footsteps heading back are the most striking sounds while walking through the financial district. In the distance, a siren or a honk is relatively occasional – I must say, when it finally becomes night, finding out from high above that I am completely alone indeed grants me the privilege of being close to strange thoughts…I point through the window at the empty neighboring towers, the streetlights, the few trees, and the avenue, deciding what is right and what is wrong, as if such a thing is possible and then, mentally exhausted, I turn off the lights and Zzz. From inside, only towers and antennas can be seen, and of course, no stars, because the night sky of big cities lacks them in exchange for other things.

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I have this habit of often thinking primarily about outlines. Everything else follows. Generally, when I'm working, one of the questions I consider regarding the initial strokes is: Will they decisively separate two elements, or will they subtly encourage them to intermingle?

When we sketch an outline, we delineate much more than just the physical shape. We are defining the space, not only within the confines of that outline but also in its relationship to the surrounding area. Thus, contemplating limits provides us with a variable. Depending on the day, the time, the tools, and my mood, I frequently find myself leaving the "inside" empty. Therefore, all that exists is the environment surrounding the object itself, meaning all that exists plays a crucial role in giving life to a form. Occasionally, all that exists might also be empty, and the boundaries then are strokes that could be either connected or broken at some point in their course.

Look at this: https://romi.link/journal/2023.06.01

2024: internet at its best

It is about time to understand that everything necessary has already been built, and the only immediate action left is to destroy (destruction).

Over the past few weeks, I have been working with dots. I see dots even in my dreams— black dots and red dots. I also see circles, some scattered and some filled with color. Everything is fine and fun to see. When I wake up, I try to recreate them. Not having an educational background has led me to the simplest results, yet a rich and complex practice precedes it. You know, Munari thought that basic geometric shapes like dots, circles, and spheres were not just aesthetic elements but also educational tools and means to explore visual perception. Working with these simple shapes is crucial for understanding the fundamentals of visual design. He believed that experimenting with forms like a simple dot could express movement, tension, or balance, depending on its placement, which I find absolutely accurate.

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It is mid-April and I have this feeling that I will soon be taking a sabbatical year. In other words, to close my schedule. Maybe travel, maybe lock myself in the studio.

Being distant from an object doesn't necessarily imply distancing; it's possible, through subtle gestures, body movements, and mental skills, to work towards closeness. This, too, is an aspect of the imagination.

You should exercise your imagination. Exercise it often, strongly, exercise it better – Exercise it, for instance, by changing the small details in a memory. You can alter the arrangement of colors, the location of a specific object, the outcome or even the beginning of a story.
My first exercise, many, many years ago, was to visualize a flower that came back to life retaining the brown and grayish tones, the brittle and asymmetrical texture of when it was completely dry. The exercise could have ended there but I wanted to draw it, describe it in written and spoken word, and even replicate it with live and dead flowers. When I got bored of this exercise (actually, it was a purely imaginative act), I buried it somewhere in my mind, as if it had never happened. Years later, I was able to exercise my imagination with the same memory but from the perspective of someone who had not considered reviving a flower, and much less, someone who waited for a real flower to dry out on the living room table.

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Estoy tratando de entender por qué en el ámbito tech, ámbito en el cual me encuentro por cuestiones estrictamente profesionales y nada más, se habla de ganar como un objetivo principal o final. Me pregunto qué se entiende por ganar y por qué se consideraría reducir lo potencial a un único parámetro, esto es el de "ganar a toda costa" validando por añadidura que perder, si es que existe tal cosa, es un error. No sólo fijaría la experiencia de la vida como un "camino que se bifurca" sino que además, los conceptos predominantes establecerían que si no se es una cosa entonces se es otra.

La importancia del descanso antes de, nuevamente, una embestida de proyectos. Quiero decir, uno debe separarse de su disciplina al punto en el que se permita ser alguien más. Entonces el descanso consiste en dejar de ser quien uno es por un tiempo determinado. Otras experiencias del yo están disponibles. Al final del día, puede surgir la pregunta de si existe un yo o bien, si no existe ninguno.

At gate 29, I had a peculiar experience. I ran into someone who might be my doppelgänger, either leaving or coming from somewhere else. It felt like watching oneself in a video or hearing one's voice from a speaker for the first time—a surreal sensation, recognizing it's you yet feeling completely detached. If you're both here and there, how do you decide which is which? It's reminiscent of one's reflection in a mirror or water. Before boarding the plane, I messaged a friend: "I saw this woman who looks exactly like me, wait, no, she is me, I'm pretty sure of it..." I even called out 'Romina!' when she boarded, but no one looked back.

If you half-close your eyes while looking at some images, you can still discern their origin. Similarly, if you partially cover your ears when listening to certain sounds, you can still identify their source. Unique features mark the nature of things, yet they can be replicated. The challenge for people today is to distinguish the original from the replica.

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2024 me encuentra con un gran estudio y regresando a viejas disciplinas como la pintura. Aún en compañía de lo digital, mi vida no es mucho más que lo que ya estoy haciendo o bien, lo que ahora mismo está sucediendo.

do less

every time I say that images bore me, I mean it: there is nothing hanging in my place, so walls serve their purpose adequately

"Esta mañana, comencé observando un árbol caído durante una hora. Luego, continué viéndolo durante dos horas más y, para el final del día, había estado observándolo en total durante 7 horas.”

Otra consideración sobre el tiempo (específicamente sobre los estándares del tiempo físico) es que cuanto más horas uno pasa en quietud observando lo que está sucediendo —algo que, a primera impresión, parece poca cosa— más ricos son los detalles almacenados en lo profundo de la memoria.  Quiero decir, no avistaremos nada en el cielo sin alzar la cabeza, del mismo modo que no escucharemos cómo se desplaza el viento sin sumergirnos en la densidad de los bosques. 

Recuerdo un detalle de mis años viviendo al pie de una montaña en el interior de mi país natal, Argentina (esto fue durante mi adolescencia, hace muchos años atrás) y es el contraste sensorial del día y la noche: el canto de un animal nocturno definitivamente no puede percibirse cuando el sol se asoma. Por lo que el tiempo físico quizás nos arrebata la oportunidad de ver la erosión de un objeto en particular sin embargo tenemos más herramientas a disposición, optimizables con la práctica. 

While listening to Hendrik's upcoming door, I find myself typing, occasionally lifting my head to look out the window. You know, it has rained all night; the wind shakes the trees and from this height, I can see the waves crashing against the rocks. These rocks, under my eyes, will remain structurally unchanged even when I leave this small island, although something specific is undoubtedly happening there. The standards of physical time: I contemplate a rock that is no longer the same as before. I also see a rock that will change in the future.

post imageUna de las vistas desde la casa

I continue listening to Hendrik's mixtape, it feels he knew the place where I am now, and even what I am observing and how I perceive it. When asked why 'Door' is called that, one of the answers could be this kind of experience.

It could seem so, but cities are not designed to be lived in one particular way

Right now in Florence surrounded by numerous churches and experiencing this phenomenon where bell towers ring simultaneously & one might think there's a kind of counterpoint with all these ringing sounds, silences, and resonances (the latter depending on the listener's location in space) but this pattern is the product of a specific time of day, a call to prayer, a celebration, or even an emergency signal. I have just separated each of the layers and have begun to illustrate them.

I see the phones and computers of friends, colleagues & strangers, overwhelmed by apps... who's making them believe we need all these new tools?

red once more in the studio, during meetings, in private moments, in a friend's voice & on my computer... everything I see is red

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Illusion of the image is a weapon of massive alienation, emanating from a system that seeks to anesthetize and control the masses through sensory inundation and cognitive fatigue. Authenticity and creativity are being devoured. Ugliness is now a collectible, pocketed asset as beauty fades amidst endless multiplication and replication. As soon as I publish an image is dead to me. That being said, my studio houses an abundance of work and hard drives filled with favorite pieces that will remain in the shadows indefinitely. What I share on-line is merely a fragment of a self-destructing phenomenon. We must reject the false idols of technology and image.

door 120 is live / join door on urbit

How do you know who you are?

Take a look at this entry on the evolution of Landscape. Accurate words and clear as usual.

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Is it possible to see the world speeding up while oneself slows down? It's not about being an opposing force but spending time living a life that hasn't been imposed. Not knowing this could be terrifying and that terror is simply there, like a shadow. Handle computers with care, keeping potential risks in mind.

There is a time of observation for each piece. It can be swiftly observed, interpreting a message that belongs to a transient nature. Also, it can be observed slowly, pausing on the details and creating a mood around the object or even within oneself.

If we quickly observe a visually-busy piece, at first glance, we will find certain information, and as we examine it more closely, we will realize the same piece has much more to communicate. Pieces with a lower visual load allow space for imagination. What we interpret as an empty space can acquire a new meaning since context doesn't matter as much as long as we are in the present. The more attention we pay, the more our mind will work. Therefore, a piece with a lower visual load could convey a similar, if not more, than an overloaded one.

This concept can be applied to any aspect of daily life. A shadow on the floor may have a specific shape for me and possibly a different shape for you. Sometimes we may coincide in our interpretation, and other times, as we look at it again & again, the shadow may surprisingly fade away. Is it possible to see something we don't know?

In one way or another, time can define the message of a piece. Its length doesn't matter; all results are valid.

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if you don't know something then don't ask, only demons answer

In a dream I had two nights ago, I was collecting stones for a piece. These stones were capable of transferring information to the canvas. I can't explain how peaceful my face looked in the dream, as if I were dead, no gestures at all... a face rested in silence.

post imageI'm still trying to figure out the language of the context and the language of the stones. In my dream, I was quite aware of how to decode it.
post imageis this color

I've been working on a particular figure, and finally achieved it. As I was working on it, I had this thought that whether shapes are considered infinite or not depends on how we look at them, both from a mathematical and creative perspective. The possibilities for shaping and reshaping our visual world are vast and constantly evolving. Just as a thing cannot be the same forever, the flower I watered this morning will not be the same one I will see tonite when I turn off the lights and go to sleep. Even the bed, this night, is different.

When I'm not at home, I miss my studio. It's not just the physical space I long for, but also the tools that come with it. However, being away gives me the chance to explore new ways of producing. You know, there is this character, 間 (Ma), that refers to the concept of space. It encompasses the pause between objects, the emptiness that gives significance. It's a kind of notion that what is not there is as important as what is. – Perhaps the next time you see your own shadow, try asking yourself where you are and where you are not.

In the past weeks, I have been reviewing old files. SS23 element (6 points, moon orbit, 6th day) existed long before this season. We found it while going through materials from last year. It has come to us from the past. Anyone can draw it; that's fun, isn't it?

post imageSS23 element in its initial form, 2022

I see the SS23 element and I realize it can be placed at any moment in history. It's like looking out the window into an unknown territory and still feeling the warmth of the familiar. This cannot be explained. If it had words, it wouldn't either.

Recommend this entry by my colleague Ed. Reading his blog is an inspirational tool for me.

Can we preserve the unconventional knowledge and experiences as valuable assets in the design process? It is 2023 and current practices have become monotonous, repetitive, and lacking in originality. After many years in diverse industries I've seen it all and, if you are a junior, I encourage you to reject the idea of a one-size-fits-all design approach. Find your own path and isolate yourself to do nothing. Slow down. The fast-paced nature of contemporary design has led to shallow and superficial outcomes. Designers are under pressure to deliver quick results, which makes it difficult to come up with truly breakthrough ideas.

post imageIn bed doing nothing – Don't take it personally t-shirt, March? April? 2023

So if you are tired, stop designing. Don't be a designer. Don't let your work become a mixed bag of typefaces, gradients and web3 hybrids. Stop being. When you feel ready, strive for a refined balance that transcends the superficial trappings of design trends... trust in simplicity.

Creativity exists independently of ethical considerations, allowing for unrestricted exploration and unconventional ideas.

First version of Landscape icon. The app ecosystem finally consolidates. I dreamt about a flower arrangement last week. No coincidence. This is what happens when you stack thoughts and have access to them at any mental level.

post imageLandscape icon for Tlon Corporation, May 2023

Meanwhile, time is spent on writing and taking notes, while tools are tested away from the computer. Drawing and painting also fill the hours.

Finding myself gradually moving away from the notion of working hard. In fact, my load diminishes as I distance myself not only because it's no longer a necessity, but also because the more I step back, the deeper I delve into the contemplation of my discipline. Outcomes are not merely a product of effort. I'm just playing around, passing time.

In April, something huge happened and radically changes many aspects of my life. Exciting days are coming.

Today, at Jimmy's housewarming, we discussed our bond and its natural flow since the very first moment. We ended the night with Javi, Alan, Jimmy, and Laurel Halo. It was a fantastic set. For some reason, every time I step onto a dance floor, I feel like dancing is an unexplored territory for most of people. La danza, in fact, is a practice that should be deeply studied in spiritual terms. Regardless of that, I also recommend some of Cage's essays on modern dance.

Last week, we worked on assets for product and the arrival of the new element - SS23 - for Tlon. I will explain it next time.

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Lastly, I think I will start updating my journal frequently + sharing my work here. Social media has become a bit nasty for me and honestly I used to enjoy it for a long time.. but now, I'm not sure if I can keep up with it.

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Lately felt a bit overwhelmed by new technologies and given my lifestyle and profession cannot avoid interacting with them... What is the nature of feeling this way? What is the relevance of the contexts that lead me to this mental state? What role does spirituality play in all of this? Can we talk about all of this as if they were the same thing?

post imageYesterday with Javi, Jimmy & Sean at the Noguchi Museum

What's new: Adds a curated list of apps to install for Landscape newcomers / Adds Kelvin compatibility with 414 / Fixes an issue where installing apps would show the app tile as "Suspended." / Fixes an issue where typing the full path of a desk (~sampel/desk-name) would fail to resolve / Fixes placement issues with the "?" wayfinding button.

Learn more here

Past week while grabbing some coffee with Ed: "It is our hope that Tlon's interfaces quicken people's understanding that they are the true owners and arbiters of their computer's presentation — of everything their computer is capable of.... We hope that Urbit's current interface presentation, which is designed to feel 'vessel-like', or 'empty', or 'flattened', modulates a person using Urbit to realize that this computer is a place to project one's self: Tlon is absolutely not in the business of projecting itself strongly through the act of 'visual design'. Our stance is one of beautiful infrastructure, and any 'beautiful' visual presentation that manifests via this stance is a side-effect. Tlon is absolutely not in the business of producing "desire for objects" through the act of interface design. Our interfaces are in their default state not baubles for the masses to pine over, they are not eye-candy, they are not striving for lickability, they are not produced for our fellow designers or for our friends."

Shaken by a series of unanswered questions, I find myself taking the shape of different people. As I listen to door 103, just realized that everything I experience is no longer here.

post image

You can apply for our Landscape Pilot Program—where new communities are welcomed to the network with one free year of hosting and concierge support. Submit your community’s info here.

Landscape is the truly decentralized toolkit that web3 has been waiting for. Teams and DAOs alike can rally around the need for sovereignty and durability.

Teams can operate with ease knowing sensitive information is kept private, and data doesn’t run the risk of being exposed to a centralized provider. Teams can trust Landscape, knowing their data and projects will never disappear. It’s yours to own, forever. 
Landscape offers DAOs the promise of a single foundation for their needs. Its interoperability provides calm in the current fragmentation of tools DAOs rely on. In tandem, Urbit ID offers trust, anonymity, and pseudonymous reputation, which in turn eliminates common organizational issues. 

Landscape is a customizable, permanent tool that is opportune for web3’s pioneers and creators. It’s been a journey to get here, and we’re excited to be at this pivotal point. 

Door has a handful of invites available for anyone who wants to bring a friend in: Join door
No need to self-host or pay to get up and running. Just send them the link.

As Door approaches its second anniversary in a few weeks, it's remarkable to find a space that remains untainted by current agendas or influences. Door's unique approach of providing only questions, and no answers, reveals it remains untouched by any ideological or trend-driven influences. Door is self-sufficient, requiring no external validation or reinforcement.

From the very beginning, Door has preserved its original structure, never overwhelming you visually or imposing any particular worldview. Instead, it serves as a provider of sound and silence, offering a respite from the uncertainties of the world. Door can be functional to a place, or the place can be functional to Door—roles dissolve depending on the context. Sometimes it may happen that Door, suddenly, is the sentiment you don't want to feel.

The list of listeners and subscribers has significantly grown compared to the first year. I continue to create weekly mixes even when I can't keep up with my ongoing projects. This will remain the same. However, there is a chance that Door will start releasing more mixes from other people while keeping its own style, which is an extension of the music I listen to in my studio or the music that people I admire share with me.

post image

If you're reading this, feel free to send your mix to contact@door.link. If I don't reply, it doesn't mean I haven't listened to it or won't publish it. It doesn't mean anything.

Web3 has introduced an approach to graphic design that can be overwhelming. It's important to prove that alternative design concepts exist, ones that move away from the colorful, needy and fast-paced disciplines.

Landscape Alpha repository is open for other devs to check out.

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If you want to learn more, you can visit tlon.io.

Last night, lying on the carpet, listened to the last door and sank into a kind of darkness. You know, darkness can be very inspirational. Schopenhauer believed that music reconnected the human being with this ancient will, a belief very close to eastern philosophy, be it Taoism, Vedanta or Buddhism. Where in memory do darkness and will connect?

"How to Start a Secret Society" has been sent to production. Eleanor, Keaton, and I brought this small guide to life. You can get a copy at Assembly 2022. See you there.

Finally I am taking a break from a pretty hectic week. There's a lot going on at Urbit and I need to keep up with it. However, by collaborating on other projects, I often find myself in a state of mind where I just need to pause, pour myself a glass of wine, and sink into my couch.

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I have recently been reading "Shape of Words" a book that my colleague Harry, whom I both appreciate and admire, invited me to participate in. It is worth mentioning the exceptional work done by him and his team, which comes as no surprise. As for my little contribution, Freelancing, I touch upon the fact that nothing is so significant as to lose autonomy. This idea is applicable to several areas of life, not just the professional level.

post imageShapes of Words in yellow

You know, in Design as Art, Bruno Munari writes: “Not only does each letter of a word have a shape of its own, but all its letters taken together give shape to the word.”

Returning to Buenos Aires means returning to my studio. It doesn't matter what happens outside the apartment as long as I can stay locked up, doing my own thing. Confinement is nice; I basically lock myself in and it feels good. Then, when I step outside, it's as if I'm living inside a memory, observing what's going on out there. But nothing surprises me much. Unlike staying in nature, where sensory experiences are primary and worries fade away in the presence of a tree or a setting sun, living in the city allows me to delve deep into my psyche. It's a mind game that we all know too well. Therefore, returning to Buenos Aires is alright. It sets my brain in motion, focused on editorial processes and creating some assets/sketches for interface.

I think of Urbit as under my control and yet it has a parallel life, a life i'm not present in. It drives me crazy and i can't stop thinking about a situation like that. I mean... you've probably been through it at some level.... This thing where you can't get something out of your head, and then you need to figure out what's going on with yourself, with the world around you. Yes... I can't stop thinking about Urbit. I can't stop it, it just keeps happening...

post image

Thinking about Urbit, almost melodramatically, was the trigger for a recent design that will be included in sex mag.

Any genuine object possessing unique characteristics will inevitably bond with a similar object as an equal, just as two flowers growing side by side may unexpectedly intertwine and become something robust and even greater.

At first glance, our connection may seem unidirectional, with me on one side and you on the other. But the truth is far more complex than that. We are linked in a strange and powerful way. It's as if our shared silence has created a palpable bond that transcends physical space and even so, this connection can exist in a purely virtual realm, where even the smallest details can be magnified and appreciated.