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What's new: Adds a curated list of apps to install for Landscape newcomers / Adds Kelvin compatibility with 414 / Fixes an issue where installing apps would show the app tile as "Suspended." / Fixes an issue where typing the full path of a desk (~sampel/desk-name) would fail to resolve / Fixes placement issues with the "?" wayfinding button.

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Past week while grabbing some coffee with Ed: "It is our hope that Tlon's interfaces quicken people's understanding that they are the true owners and arbiters of their computer's presentation — of everything their computer is capable of.... We hope that Urbit's current interface presentation, which is designed to feel 'vessel-like', or 'empty', or 'flattened', modulates a person using Urbit to realize that this computer is a place to project one's self: Tlon is absolutely not in the business of projecting itself strongly through the act of 'visual design'. Our stance is one of beautiful infrastructure, and any 'beautiful' visual presentation that manifests via this stance is a side-effect. Tlon is absolutely not in the business of producing "desire for objects" through the act of interface design. Our interfaces are in their default state not baubles for the masses to pine over, they are not eye-candy, they are not striving for lickability, they are not produced for our fellow designers or for our friends."

Shaken by a series of unanswered questions, I find myself taking the shape of different people. As I listen to door 103, just realized that everything I experience is no longer here.

You can apply for our Landscape Pilot Program—where new communities are welcomed to the network with one free year of hosting and concierge support. Submit your community’s info here.

Landscape is the truly decentralized toolkit that web3 has been waiting for. Teams and DAOs alike can rally around the need for sovereignty and durability.

Teams can operate with ease knowing sensitive information is kept private, and data doesn’t run the risk of being exposed to a centralized provider. Teams can trust Landscape, knowing their data and projects will never disappear. It’s yours to own, forever. 
Landscape offers DAOs the promise of a single foundation for their needs. Its interoperability provides calm in the current fragmentation of tools DAOs rely on. In tandem, Urbit ID offers trust, anonymity, and pseudonymous reputation, which in turn eliminates common organizational issues. 

Landscape is a customizable, permanent tool that is opportune for web3’s pioneers and creators. It’s been a journey to get here, and we’re excited to be at this pivotal point. 

Door has a handful of invites available for anyone who wants to bring a friend in: Join door
No need to self-host or pay to get up and running. Just send them the link.

As Door approaches its second anniversary in a few weeks, it's remarkable to find a space that remains untainted by current agendas or influences. Door's unique approach of providing only questions, and no answers, reveals it remains untouched by any ideological or trend-driven influences. Door is self-sufficient, requiring no external validation or reinforcement.

From the very beginning, Door has preserved its original structure, never overwhelming you visually or imposing any particular worldview. Instead, it serves as a provider of sound and silence, offering a respite from the uncertainties of the world. Door can be functional to a place, or the place can be functional to Door—roles dissolve depending on the context. Sometimes it may happen that Door, suddenly, is the sentiment you don't want to feel.

The list of listeners and subscribers has significantly grown compared to the first year. I continue to create weekly mixes even when I can't keep up with my ongoing projects. This will remain the same. However, there is a chance that Door will start releasing more mixes from other people while keeping its own style, which is an extension of the music I listen to in my studio or the music that people I admire share with me.

If you're reading this, feel free to send your mix to If I don't reply, it doesn't mean I haven't listened to it or won't publish it. It doesn't mean anything.

Web3 has introduced an approach to graphic design that can be overwhelming. It's important to prove that alternative design concepts exist, ones that move away from the colorful, needy and fast-paced disciplines.

Landscape Alpha repository is open for other devs to check out.

If you want to learn more, you can visit

Last night, lying on the carpet, listened to the last door and sank into a kind of darkness. You know, darkness can be very inspirational. Schopenhauer believed that music reconnected the human being with this ancient will, a belief very close to eastern philosophy, be it Taoism, Vedanta or Buddhism. Where in memory do darkness and will connect?

"How to Start a Secret Society" has been sent to production. Eleanor, Keaton, and I brought this small guide to life. You can get a copy at Assembly 2022. See you there.

Finally I am taking a break from a pretty hectic week. There's a lot going on at Urbit and I need to keep up with it. However, by collaborating on other projects, I often find myself in a state of mind where I just need to pause, pour myself a glass of wine, and sink into my couch.

I have recently been reading "Shape of Words" a book that my colleague Harry, whom I both appreciate and admire, invited me to participate in. It is worth mentioning the exceptional work done by him and his team, which comes as no surprise. As for my little contribution, Freelancing, I touch upon the fact that nothing is so significant as to lose autonomy. This idea is applicable to several areas of life, not just the professional level.

You know, in Design as Art, Bruno Munari writes: “Not only does each letter of a word have a shape of its own, but all its letters taken together give shape to the word.”

El golpe bajo llegó cuando entendimos que a los 30 se vive el presente con lo que construimos, porque la comodidad del futuro deja de ser una gema de la juventud, un ritual o un plan: ahora es materia reconocible y concreta, es una vivencia.
Si hablo del tiempo hablo de ciertas inflexiones, como el acto de ir hacia atrás, caminar en reversa, leer de derecha a izquierda sin dejar de ser occidental. Cuál es la incógnita de ese backward?

Returning to Buenos Aires means returning to my studio. It doesn't matter what happens outside the apartment as long as I can stay locked up, doing my own thing. Confinement is nice; I basically lock myself in and it feels good. Then, when I step outside, it's as if I'm living inside a memory, observing what's going on out there. But nothing surprises me much. Unlike staying in nature, where sensory experiences are primary and worries fade away in the presence of a tree or a setting sun, living in the city allows me to delve deep into my psyche. It's a mind game that we all know too well. Therefore, returning to Buenos Aires is alright. It sets my brain in motion, focused on editorial processes and creating some assets/sketches for interface.

I think of Urbit as under my control and yet it has a parallel life, a life i'm not present in. It drives me crazy and i can't stop thinking about a situation like that. I mean... you've probably been through it at some level.... This thing where you can't get something out of your head, and then you need to figure out what's going on with yourself, with the world around you. Yes... I can't stop thinking about Urbit. I can't stop it, it just keeps happening...

Thinking about Urbit, almost melodramatically, was the trigger for a recent design that will be included in sex mag.

Any genuine object possessing unique characteristics will inevitably bond with a similar object as an equal, just as two flowers growing side by side may unexpectedly intertwine and become something robust and even greater.

At first glance, our connection may seem unidirectional, with me on one side and you on the other. But the truth is far more complex than that. We are linked in a strange and powerful way. It's as if our shared silence has created a palpable bond that transcends physical space and even so, this connection can exist in a purely virtual realm, where even the smallest details can be magnified and appreciated.