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For the nth time, I am reconnecting with color. When I'm not on the computer, I paint. Occasionally, I open my social media accounts and sometimes I wonder if I should go back to the pace I used to have. I don't know, it can be stupid. I have also been exploring different images around a Screenless Sunday idea. Currently working on this with Tlon. The thing is, without a strictly established schedule, for me a Sunday could be a 100% online day, just like a Tuesday could be absent. Keaton told me something like "It made me feel bad for the people who are more socially isolated and rely on screens to connect... you know, it's easy to go screenless when you have a beautiful yard, but what if you live alone, have no friends, and live in a studio apartment in the city? Maybe it sounds cheeky..."

For the time being, I'll keep pondering it a bit longer. A long weekend is coming up, and it's time to create a new mix for

In a dream I had two nights ago, I was collecting stones for a piece. These stones were capable of transferring information to the canvas. I can't explain how peaceful my face looked in the dream, as if I were dead, no gestures at all... a face rested in silence.

Stop treating the wireless as if it were a divine entity. While we recognize its potential, comparing the two is just due to ignorance, which is fine: It is acceptable to be unaware of the true nature of wireless technology. There is no such thing as logos behind the network. if you don't know something, don't ask, only demons answer.

I've been working on a particular figure, and finally achieved it. As I was working on it, I had this thought that whether shapes are considered infinite or not depends on how we look at them, both from a mathematical and creative perspective. The possibilities for shaping and reshaping our visual world are vast and constantly evolving. Just as a thing cannot be the same forever, the flower I watered this morning will not be the same one I will see tonite when I turn off the lights and go to sleep. Even the bed, this night, is different.

When I'm not at home, I miss my studio. It's not just the physical space I long for, but also the tools that come with it. However, being away gives me the chance to explore new ways of producing. You know, there is this character, 間 (Ma), that refers to the concept of space. It encompasses the pause between objects, the emptiness that gives significance. It's a kind of notion that what is not there is as important as what is. – Perhaps the next time you see your own shadow, try asking yourself where you are and where you are not.

In the past weeks, I have been reviewing old files. SS23 element (6 points, moon orbit, 6th day) existed long before this season. We found it while going through materials from last year. It has come to us from the past. Anyone can draw it; that's fun, isn't it?

I see the SS23 element and I realize it can be placed at any moment in history. It's like looking out the window into an unknown territory and still feeling the warmth of the familiar. This cannot be explained. If it had words, it wouldn't either.

Recommend this entry by my colleague Ed. Reading his blog is an inspirational tool for me.

Can we preserve the unconventional knowledge and experiences as valuable assets in the design process? It is 2023 and current practices have become monotonous, repetitive, and lacking in originality. After many years in diverse industries I've seen it all and, if you are a junior, I encourage you to reject the idea of a one-size-fits-all design approach. Find your own path and isolate yourself to do nothing. Slow down. The fast-paced nature of contemporary design has led to shallow and superficial outcomes. Designers are under pressure to deliver quick results, which makes it difficult to come up with truly breakthrough ideas.

So if you are tired, stop designing. Don't be a designer. Don't let your work become a mixed bag of typefaces, gradients and web3 hybrids. Stop being. When you feel ready, strive for a refined balance that transcends the superficial trappings of design trends... trust in simplicity.

Creativity exists independently of ethical considerations, allowing for unrestricted exploration and unconventional ideas.

First version of Landscape icon. The app ecosystem finally consolidates. I dreamt about a flower arrangement last week. No coincidence. This is what happens when you stack thoughts and have access to them at any mental level.

Meanwhile, time is spent on writing and taking notes, while tools are tested away from the computer. Drawing and painting also fill the hours.

Finding myself gradually moving away from the notion of working hard. In fact, my load diminishes as I distance myself not only because it's no longer a necessity, but also because the more I step back, the deeper I delve into the contemplation of my discipline. Outcomes are not merely a product of effort. I'm just playing around, passing time.

In April, something huge happened and radically changes many aspects of my life. Exciting days are coming.

Today, at Jimmy's housewarming, we discussed our bond and its natural flow since the very first moment. We ended the night with Javi, Alan, Jimmy, and Laurel Halo. It was a fantastic set. For some reason, every time I step onto a dance floor, I feel like dancing is an unexplored territory for most of people. La danza, in fact, is a practice that should be deeply studied in spiritual terms. Regardless of that, I also recommend some of Cage's essays on modern dance.

Last week, we worked on assets for product and the arrival of the new element - SS23 - for Tlon. I will explain it next time.

Lastly, I think I will start updating my journal frequently + sharing my work here. Also I will migrate my persona to Urbit. Social media has become a bit nasty for me and honestly I used to enjoy it for a long time.. but now, I'm not sure if I can keep up with it.

Lately felt a bit overwhelmed by new technologies and given my lifestyle and profession cannot avoid interacting with them... What is the nature of feeling this way? What is the relevance of the contexts that lead me to this mental state? What role does spirituality play in all of this? Can we talk about all of this as if they were the same thing?

What's new: Adds a curated list of apps to install for Landscape newcomers / Adds Kelvin compatibility with 414 / Fixes an issue where installing apps would show the app tile as "Suspended." / Fixes an issue where typing the full path of a desk (~sampel/desk-name) would fail to resolve / Fixes placement issues with the "?" wayfinding button.

Learn more here

Past week while grabbing some coffee with Ed: "It is our hope that Tlon's interfaces quicken people's understanding that they are the true owners and arbiters of their computer's presentation — of everything their computer is capable of.... We hope that Urbit's current interface presentation, which is designed to feel 'vessel-like', or 'empty', or 'flattened', modulates a person using Urbit to realize that this computer is a place to project one's self: Tlon is absolutely not in the business of projecting itself strongly through the act of 'visual design'. Our stance is one of beautiful infrastructure, and any 'beautiful' visual presentation that manifests via this stance is a side-effect. Tlon is absolutely not in the business of producing "desire for objects" through the act of interface design. Our interfaces are in their default state not baubles for the masses to pine over, they are not eye-candy, they are not striving for lickability, they are not produced for our fellow designers or for our friends."

Shaken by a series of unanswered questions, I find myself taking the shape of different people. As I listen to door 103, just realized that everything I experience is no longer here.

Web3 has introduced an approach to graphic design that can be overwhelming. It's important to prove that alternative design concepts exist, ones that move away from the colorful, needy and fast-paced disciplines.

Any genuine object possessing unique characteristics will inevitably bond with a similar object as an equal, just as two flowers growing side by side may unexpectedly intertwine and become something robust and even greater.