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gtg, antidesign, silence

Can we preserve the unconventional knowledge and experiences as valuable assets in the design process? It is 2023 and current practices have become monotonous, repetitive, and lacking in originality. After many years in diverse industries I've seen it all and, if you are a junior, I encourage you to reject the idea of a one-size-fits-all design approach. Find your own path and isolate yourself to do nothing. Slow down. The fast-paced nature of contemporary design has led to shallow and superficial outcomes. Designers are under pressure to deliver quick results, which makes it difficult to come up with truly breakthrough ideas.

post imageIn bed doing nothing – Don't take it personally t-shirt, March? April? 2023

So if you are tired, stop designing. Don't be a designer. Don't let your work become a mixed bag of typefaces, gradients and web3 hybrids. Stop being. When you feel ready, strive for a refined balance that transcends the superficial trappings of design trends... trust in simplicity.