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As Door approaches its second anniversary in a few weeks, it's remarkable to find a space that remains untainted by current agendas or influences. Door's unique approach of providing only questions, and no answers, reveals it remains untouched by any ideological or trend-driven influences. Door is self-sufficient, requiring no external validation or reinforcement.

From the very beginning, Door has preserved its original structure, never overwhelming you visually or imposing any particular worldview. Instead, it serves as a provider of sound and silence, offering a respite from the uncertainties of the world. Door can be functional to a place, or the place can be functional to Door—roles dissolve depending on the context. Sometimes it may happen that Door, suddenly, is the sentiment you don't want to feel.

The list of listeners and subscribers has significantly grown compared to the first year. I continue to create weekly mixes even when I can't keep up with my ongoing projects. This will remain the same. However, there is a chance that Door will start releasing more mixes from other people while keeping its own style, which is an extension of the music I listen to in my studio or the music that people I admire share with me.

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If you're reading this, feel free to send your mix to contact@door.link. If I don't reply, it doesn't mean I haven't listened to it or won't publish it. It doesn't mean anything.