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Finally I am taking a break from a pretty hectic week. There's a lot going on at Urbit and I need to keep up with it. However, by collaborating on other projects, I often find myself in a state of mind where I just need to pause, pour myself a glass of wine, and sink into my couch.

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I have recently been reading "Shape of Words" a book that my colleague Harry, whom I both appreciate and admire, invited me to participate in. It is worth mentioning the exceptional work done by him and his team, which comes as no surprise. As for my little contribution, Freelancing, I touch upon the fact that nothing is so significant as to lose autonomy. This idea is applicable to several areas of life, not just the professional level.

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You know, in Design as Art, Bruno Munari writes: “Not only does each letter of a word have a shape of its own, but all its letters taken together give shape to the word.”