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In April, something huge happened and radically changes many aspects of my life. Exciting days are coming.

Today, at Jimmy's housewarming, we discussed our bond and its natural flow since the very first moment. We ended the night with Javi, Alan, Jimmy, and Laurel Halo. It was a fantastic set. For some reason, every time I step onto a dance floor, I feel like dancing is an unexplored territory for most of people. La danza, in fact, is a practice that should be deeply studied in spiritual terms. Regardless of that, I also recommend some of Cage's essays on modern dance.

Last week, we worked on assets for product and the arrival of the new element - SS23 - for Tlon. I will explain it next time.

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Lastly, I think I will start updating my journal frequently + sharing my work here. Social media has become a bit nasty for me and honestly I used to enjoy it for a long time.. but now, I'm not sure if I can keep up with it.

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