# back

104, kiss, no

For the nth time, I am reconnecting with color. When I'm not on the computer, I paint. Occasionally, I open my social media accounts and sometimes I wonder if I should go back to the pace I used to have. I don't know, it can be stupid. I have also been exploring different images around a Screenless Sunday idea. Currently working on this with Tlon. The thing is, without a strictly established schedule, for me a Sunday could be a 100% online day, just like a Tuesday could be absent. Keaton told me something like "It made me feel bad for the people who are more socially isolated and rely on screens to connect... you know, it's easy to go screenless when you have a beautiful yard, but what if you live alone, have no friends, and live in a studio apartment in the city? Maybe it sounds cheeky..."

For the time being, I'll keep pondering it a bit longer. A long weekend is coming up, and it's time to create a new mix for door.link.